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Digital gallery of Tamara Agapova is collection of digitally elaborated images. The particular features of gallery:


High quality job, approved with high awards on international contests CG


A large spectrum of works beginning from simple photos, mixes to the digital compositions made with CG technique


A multiple directions of art including landscapes, flowers, compositions with butterflies, animals, surrealistic, abstract and future directed works

  Latest soft and hardware for work
   Last renewing  : digital gallery - 2019



In 2011 and 2012 Tamara Agapova became laureate - I  place  in "Russian Art Week" in nomination Computer Graphics, became laureate (II and III places)  in  "Russian Art Week 2009-autumn and 2010-spring" .


Tamara' s works have won the Excellence Award on 10th Digital Creation Awards international contest - Toray 2005. It is a series of two works participated in theme Happiness/Easiness/Music.

Several works are published in catalogues NY Arts Annual Catalogue 2009, "ART IN VOGUE" (London) 2012, “International Contemporary MASTERS 2010 vol.3” (USA)








The work "Flamingo - dance of fire" won Grand Prix on The 7th Internet International Art/photo Contest in Japan, 2002. Click here for more information... The 5 more works gained Fine A category in the same contest since 2002.

The work "Field of Miracles" was exposed in HEAT the Next Tortured Genius II exhibition in Monkdogs urban art gallery (New-York) in august 2007.

A number of works participating in expositions of  Artoteque REALTIME SHOW

(London), ART ADDICTION medial museum (London), Saatchi Gallery (London), Artween (Paris), Art Russia gallery (Russia). They obtained high grades from visitors and site staff. Our works also participated in other contests and met with approval by a large society of designers.


Our works were exhibited in 4 art galleries of Moscow one of which was the state Tushino museum. They were used in design of "CopyMoscow" office. Our works also participated in several marketing projects, were displayed on scores of commercial sites including E-bay.


Digital art works is a primary collection of our gallery. For visitors, eager for journeys we stored a number of tourist photos. There are several parts: A large Italy collection, Austrian and Italian Alps, photos of Barcelona, Czechia and Prague, flowers, of course, Russian photo: Moscow, Russian nature, Russian churches and others.


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